Who are we?

We are a diverse, intersectional, creative and inclusive team. We believe that data visualization has the potential to generate awareness and interest on socially relevant topics, and most importantly spread facts instead of opinions.

What moves us?

Fashion and design, repurposed as innovative elements that brings together economic, social, and cultural forces. Fashion goes beyond appearances and can be an effective vehicle for reconfiguring our social system and cultural identity. Our aim is to challenge perceptions, habits, and attitudes in our daily lives.

Why do we create our products?

  • To Defend the Public: we encourage global citizens to utilize our public resources, which include access to information, and how to use information responsibly
  • To Promote an Open Society: we want to create a transparent and equal society, with no restrictions to knowledge. It is our aim to break down barriers that have always existed.
  • To Defend Life: we trust that people have the power to improve their surroundings. We want to identify where and how they can do so.
  • To Empower Democracy: by providing an open, inclusive space for dialogue, we are able to create an environment void of censorship and violation of freedoms.
  • To Promote Respect: it is our wish to eliminate the use of violence, by incorporating new cultural practices around access to information in order to build a fair, pluralist, inclusive, diverse, and peaceful society.
  • To Fight for Intersectional Gender Equality: we believe that society should be equal and fair for all, with emphasis on Gender from an intersectional perspective. We seek to reconfigure Patriarchal norms.
  • To Be Inclusive: we work to bring the struggles of stigmatized groups to consciousness of the general public, in order to build a society with equal opportunities that does not discriminate by race, gender or condition.
  • To Defend the Environment: we seek to raise awareness about the environment and promote ecological practices that place value on all life forms.